Travel Books/Memoirs/Essay

Here is a list of books from travel writers that may inspire you to seek an exotic or not so exotic experience in a land from far away.  By no means is the a comprehensive list, but just of few to get you started.

Best Women’s Travel Writing
Conde Nast Traveler Book of Unforgettable Journeys
The Best American Travel Writing
Travelers’   Tales
Abbey,   Edward. Desert Solitaire
Baggett,   Jennifer and Corbett, Holly. The Lost Girls
Belliveau,   Jeannette. An Amateur’s Guide to the Planet
Bloomfield,   Steve. Africa United
Botton,   Alain de. The Art of Travel
Bryson,   Bill. A Walk in the Woods
Bryson,   Bill. In a Sunburned Country
Bryson,   Bill. Notes From a Small Island
Byrne,   David. The Bicycle Diaries
Byron,   Robert. The Road to Oxiana
Cahill,   Tim. A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg
Cahill,   Tim. Road Fever
Chatwin,   Bruce. In Patagonia
Chatwin,   Bruce. The Songlines
Clarke,   Stephen. Year in the Merde
Dalrymple,   William. City of Djinns
Davidson,   Robyn. Tracks

Eaves, Elizabeth.  Wanderlust

Ehrlich,   Gretel. Solace of Open Spaces
Fenton,   James. All the Wrong Places
Fermor,   Patrick Leigh. A Time of Gifts
Foer,   Franklin. How Soccer Explains the World
Frazier,   Ian. Great Plains
Gellhorn,   Martha. Travels With Myself and Another
Gilbert,   Elizabeth. Eat, Pray, Love
Gilman,   Susan Jane. Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven
Gopnik,   Adam. Paris to the Moon
Gordon,   Mary. Seeing Through Places
Hampl,   Patricia. A Romantic Education
Harrar,   Heinrich. Seven Years in Tibet
Heat-Moon,   William Least. Blue Highways
Hemingway,   Ernest. A Moveable Feast
Hessler,   Peter. River Town
Hongo,   Garrett. Volcano
Horwitz,   Tony. Baghdad Without a Map
Horwitz,   Tony. Blue Latitudes

Hughes, Langston.  I Wonder as I Wander

Iyer,   Pico. Falling off the Map
Iyer,   Pico. Lady and the Monk
Iyer,   Pico. Video Night in Kathmandu
Kapuscinski,   Ryszard. The Soccer War
Lewis,   Norman. Golden Earth
Matthiessen,   Peter. The Snow Leopard
Mayes,   Frances. Under the Tuscan Sun
Mayle,   Peter. A Year in Provence
McPhee,   John. Coming Into the Country
Miller,   Henry. The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
Morris,   Jan. Journeys
Morris,   Jan. The World of Venice
Morris,   Jan. Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere
Naipaul,   V. S.. Area of Darkness
Newby,   Eric. A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
O’Hanlon,   Redmond. No Mercy
O’Rourke,   P.J.. Holidays in Hell
Orwell,   George. Down and Out in Paris and London
Potts,   Rolf. Vagabonding
Prechtel,   Martin. Secrets of the Talking Jaguar
Raban,   Jonathan. Hunting Mister Heartbreak
Salzman,   Mark. Iron and Silk

Schneider, G Michael.  On the Other Guy’s Dime

Stark,   Freya. Valley of the Assasins
Steinbach,   Alice. Without Reservations
Steinbeck,   John. Travels with Charley
Stone,   Tom. The Summer of My Greek Taverna
Strayed,   Cheryl. Wild
Steves,   Rick.  Travel   as a Political Act
Sullivan,   Robert. Cross Country
Tayler,   Jeffrey. Facing the Congo
Theroux,   Paul. Dark Star Safari
Theroux,   Paul. Fresh Air Fiend
Theroux,   Paul. The Great Railway Bazaar
Theroux,   Paul. The Old Patagonian Express
Thesiger,   Wilfred. Arabian Sands
Thompson,   Chuck. Smile When You’re Lying
Thoreau,   Henry David. Walden
Thubron,   Colin. Shadow of the Silk Road

Thubron, Colin. To A Mountain In Tibet

Troost,   J. Marteen. Sex Lives of Cannibals
Twain,   Mark. Following the Equator
Twain,   Mark. Life on the Mississippi
Twain,   Mark. Roughing It
Twain,   Mark. The Innocents Abroad
Waugh,   Evelyn. When the Going Was Good
Weiner,   Eric. The Geography of Bliss

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