Happy New Year of Travels for 2018!

Happy New Year of Travels for 2018!

Instead of “New Year, New Me” ……   how about “New Year, New Explorations” as the 2018 mantra?  Either way, in the spirit of sage advice to “visit somewhere new every year”, below is a review of top recommended places to visit in 2018 by travel media publications.

Appearing in five out of the ten travel publications surveyed, New Orleans – Louisiana, tops the list for the most frequently featured destination for 2018.  Perhaps it due to anticipated festivities surrounding it 300th anniversary this year.  Los Cabos (Mexico), Malta*, Mauritius, San Antonio-Texas, and South Korea**, came in second, each making these list four times.

Destinations in neighboring Canada and Mexico and the often popular Western European countries of Italy, France, Spain, and the UK, are still frequently mentioned. However destinations such as Georgia (the country, not the state), Chile, Fiji, Jordan, Malta, Mauritius, and South Korea have shown significant rise in popularity in 2018 from travel publications editors compared to last year.   With Pyeongchang hosting the Winter Olympics this year, it’s no surprise that South Korea and its destinations were listed in high frequency, including Gangwon Province and Seoraksan National Park.  With its vast landmass and diverse subcultures, an honorable mention must be made to China and India, which often has multiple destinations within its countries placed on these travel lists.

Abu Dhabi (UAE) was the 2nd most frequently featured international city in 2018. Honorable mentions go to Chandigarh (India),  Dublin (Ireland), Dundee (Scotland), Faroe Islands (Denmark), Luang Prabang (Laos), Quito (Ecuador), and Tallinn (Estonia),  each having been listed twice this year. None of these cities were featured last year in any of the 10 travel publications covered, so kudos to them!

For travelers motivated to visit traditionally popular destinations such as Italy, an array of places in the country such as Ischia, Basilicata, Emilia-Romagna, Florence, Matera, Sudtirol, Aeolian Islands, and Salina Island, are recommended.  For travelers motivated to visit off the beaten track destinations, adventures to Djibouti and Tasmania will undoubtedly elicit quizzical expressions from friends and colleagues who are less geographically savvy.

Whether your inclination is to discover some place new or revisit a favorite locale, inspiration is bound to be found in publications below or at travel shows taking place across the U.S. in the coming weeks.    So grab a cup of tea, start planning, and if inspired….book your next adventure and start traveling. The world awaits your visit.

Travel Media Publications



Conde Nast Traveler



Lonely Planet




National Geographic Travel

New York Times

Travel & Leisure

U.S. News

Consumer Travel Shows

San Diego Travel & Adventure Show                     Jan 13-14            San Diego, CA
Washington D.C. Travel & Adventure Show         Jan 20-21            Washington, DC
NY Times Travel Show                                              Jan 26-28            New York City, NY
Boston Global Travel Show                                      Feb  9-11             Boston, MA
Chicago Travel & Adventure Show                         Feb 10-11           Chicago, IL
San Francisco Travel & Adventure Show              Feb 17–18          San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show                  Feb 24–25          Los Angeles, CA


*Note: In addition to being listed four times as a country, the Maltese city of Valleta is also listed.
**Note: In addition to being listed four times as a country, South Korea’s destinations of Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province, and Seoraksan National are also listed individually.


1 thought on “Happy New Year of Travels for 2018!

  1. Happy New Year of travels indeed! Glad to see you still blogging. Lots of good info. — L


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