Happy New Year of Travels for 2017!

365 new days to travel, discover, and learn about the world.

Wanderlusters have a plethora of sources to gather ideas on which destinations and experiences to add to their bucket list. One such resource is travel media online and print publications such as Travel & Leisure, NY Times, and Frommer’s, who publish their annual list of places to visit or travel.

The most frequently mentioned destinations for 2017 include Hamburg, Germany; Bermuda, Finland, and Madagascar, each having been listed at least four times across the ten publications surveyed. Honorable mentions go to Paris, Capetown, Washington, D.C., Rwanda, and Canada, who is celebrating its 150 birthday this year.

One media publication that has deviated from the standard list format is AFAR magazine, who for the first time have dedicated an entire issue to its annual “where to go” series and categorized them into various themes.  It’s also the first year that it recommended such a robust number of destinations…100!

Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but as international tourism volume increases each year, the destinations featured in these annual lists are becoming more and more diversified. In addition to mainstream cities like Miami and London, lesser known locales such as Danakil Depression in Ethiopia, Via Dinarica in the Western Balkans, Jebel Akhdar in Oman….and South Bronx of NYC (!!!) have appeared on this year’s lists.

Below are several publications to peruse this coming weekend.  So grab a cup of tea, start planning, and if inspired….book your next adventure and start traveling. The world awaits your visit.



Conde Nast Traveler



Lonely Planet

National Geographic Travel

New York Times

Travel & Leisure

U.S. News




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